Himlung Expedition

Himlung Himal Expedition area previously was a restricted region; Nepal Government opened the region only in 1992. Expedition for Himlung Himal follows Round Annapurna route to Koto and from Koto towards Nar-phu Gaon. The route passes through high peaks and passes, glaciers, remote villages. It also includes narrow gullies, forests, rocks, springs, Gompas and unique cultural settlements. The expedition also offers mysterious culture and panoramic mountain views of Nandadevi, Rajramba, Api Himal, Kappa Chuli Peak and many more.

Himlung Himal (mountain) is Located in the Manaslu Region northeast of the Annapurna range with an altitude of 7126m. The Himlung lies close to the Tibetan border in a remote corner of Nepal. The mountain was first climbed in 1992 by a Japanese team and has had few further ascents afterwards. The Himlung Himal is technically easy to climb. We, Everest Expeditions Nepal, anticipate placing four camps above Base Camp. It will put in place by our strong Climbing Sherpa guide team.

Since the area is remote and untouched very few tourists have visited the region. This is the country beyond, a wild and extremely beautiful mountain landscape full of erotic people, rapid rivers and pristine forest. Due to the remoteness of the region you will experience the Virgin Nature, off beaten path, Mysterious culture and panoramic Mountain Views.

Everest Expeditions Nepal establishes the Base Camp at an altitude of 4,850 m on a grassy land. While our strong Climbing Sherpa team set up camps, expedition members get the chance to climbing up and down for acclimatization. Three higher camps will set up above the Base Camp. Camp 1 at 5,450 m, Camp 2 at 6150 m and Camp 3 at 6375 m. The last part of the summit involves steep and icy climb. After summiting, you will descend to Camp 3 then descend to the Base Camp on the next day.

Himlung Himal and the Mt. Baruntse are alternative peaks to each other for the spring when the snow condition on one of the peaks is not so reliable. The Himlung is a stunning peak in a remote location!


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  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Hotel Transfer

    30 min Drive  Hotel

    Depending on the airline you’ve picked, you could land at the Tribhuvan Airport on the flight schedule. Our representative will be at the airport at the local time. They’ll pick you up and drive you to your hotel, which is just a few streets away. You can have a rest in your room, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

  • Day 02: Kathmandu’s Sightseeing and Climbing arrangements


    Your discovery tour of Himlung Himal shall start from the heart of the city, where the historic landmarks are sited. We’ll tour Kathmandu Durbar Square forenoon and make our way to Monkey Temple, which lies at a hilltop in Kathmandu Valley.

    It is one of the most amazing places to sightsee Kathmandu city. You can see an entire valley from the crest, which is quite enthralling. After lunch, we’ll further continue our trip and drive to Boudhanath Stupa. It’s one of the most touristy places with ancient monasteries, souvenir shops, and chortens.

    After exploring the stupa, we’ll drive back to our hotel. On the way, we’ll make a quick stop at Pashupatinath, which is a 10-minute drive away from here. We’ll stay there until the evening prayers and then make our way back to the hotel. After early dinner, you can go to your bed.

  • Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Chamje

     7-8 hrs Drive  Lodge

    Chamje Altitude: 1,410m / 4,626ft

    Driving Hours: 7-8 hrs

    Overnight at: the lodge

    After a wonderful day in Kathmandu, it’s time for us to start our journey to Himlung Himal. We’ll leave the city early in the morning and drive our way to Chamje. It’s an 8 hours journey to the village, weaving through old towns and

    Driving via Prithvi Highway, we’ll see many beautiful villages, small streams, and towering mountains. The drive will take you past gushing streams and waterfalls, which make a lovely view. After spending an entire day on the road, we’ll finally arrive at Chamje. It’s our last stop before starting the trek.

  • Day 04: Trek from Chamje to Dharapani

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Dharapani Altitude: 1,960m / 6,430ft

    Walking Hours: 5-6 hrs

    Overnight at: a lodge

    From Chamje, we’ll trek up the hill proceeding to Dharapani. We’ll arrive at the beautiful Tal Village by crossing several suspension bridges and ascending steep slopes. After stopping here for lunch, the trek continues with an uphill climb. The trek is fairly moderate from here. You’ll get scenic views of lush green hills and towering mountains, which is breathtaking.

    After trekking for almost 6 hours, we’ll finally arrive at Dharapani, a stunning Gurung village in Manang District. We’ll spend the night in a lodge in the village.

  • Day 05: Trek from Dharapani to Koto

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Koto Altitude: 2,600m / 8,530ft

    Walking Hours: 5-6 hrs

    Overnight at: a teahouse

    After breakfast, we’ll follow the trail to Bagarchhap, which is mostly uphill with twists and turns. The trail ascends steep slopes in the first couple of hours and then walks through the dense forest full of pine and fir. Beating the woods, we’ll arrive at Timang, which is a small village around Lata Marang and Kurung.

    It provides a lovely view to us until we leave the village and do our last climb to Koto. The trail first moves to Thanchok and takes a massive drop before weaving its way to the village. Although the journey is quite strenuous, it’s still fun and will provide you with a spectacular view of lush green hills and towering mountains.

  • Day 06: Trek from Koto to Singenge

    6-7 hrs Trek  Tea House

    Singenge Altitude: 3,230m / 10,597ft

    Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at: Tea House / Lodges

    Waking up to the stunning view of Koto and having breakfast is how you’ll start the day of the Himlung expedition. Shortly after that, we’ll leave the village and walk to the check post before crossing the suspension bridge over Nar Phu Khola. The trail then descends the hill and weaves through gorges and canyons.

    It gets narrower and steeper as we progress, making the climb challenging. The trek becomes easy after some time and provides us with a stunning view of undulating landscapes. We’ll cross several suspension bridges along the way and trek many steep sections before finishing off at Singenge. Tonight we’ll stay at a teahouse in the village.

  • Day 07: Trek from Singenge to Kyang

    6-7 hrs Trek  Tea House

    Kyang Altitude: 2,465m / 8,087ft

    Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at: Tea House/ Lodge

    From Singenge, we head to Kyang, following the rugged trail that passes a seasonal settlement of Meta. As we advance further, the view of the surrounding mountains becomes brighter and clearer. You can get a picture-perfect view of Lamjung Himal and Annapurna II, which is quite surreal.

    We’ll soon cross the steep hill arriving at Junam Goth. From there, we’ll cross Murju Khola via a suspension bridge and trek along the eroded moraine that leads to Kyang. After spending 7 hours on the trail, we’ll finally reach the village. Upon arrival, we’ll set up the camp to spend the night.

  • Day 08: Trek from Kyang to Phu

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Phu Altitude: 4,580m / 15,026ft

    Walking Hours: 5-6 hrs

    Overnight at: a lodge

    The trek from Kyang to Phu takes anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. It begins with a steep climb through a narrow gorge before descending Murju Khola. We’ll follow the riverbed for a while, then cross an antique wooden bridge to join the side of the trail.

    The trail becomes steep from here, moving through abandoned villages and a suspension bridge. We’ll pass old chortens and mani walls before arriving at Phu village. You can see many old chortens and mani walls along the way and at the village, giving a little insight into the culture and lifestyle of local people. Overnight stay at a lodge.

  • Day 09: Acclimatization day in Phu Valley


    We’ll start the morning with a warm breakfast before the magnificent view of Himlung Himal. After some time, we’ll leave the village and explore the Phu Valley. We’ll go on a short hike to adapt ourselves to the temperature at higher elevations. In the afternoon, we’ll walk through the ancient village of Phu, where you can discover Samdu and Cholang monasteries. You can also visit other small monasteries and chortens in the village. We’ll spend the night in the lodge as before.

  • Day 10: Trekking to Himlung Himal Base Camp from Phu

    3-4 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

    After a day off, it’s time for us to pack our bags and get on the trail that leads to base camp. The trek starts with a continuous ascent up the hill and through the deserted moraines before following the yak trails.

    It will take us to Kari Koblar base camp and a grassy slope before crossing the Pangir Glacier. The section is relatively more challenging as we must climb the rough, jagged trails full of boulders. After almost 6 hours, we’ll arrive at Himlung Base Camp, where our members of staff will set up a tent to stay the night.

  • Day 11-21: Climbing Himlung Himal and return to Base Camp

    12 days climbing toward Himlung Himal  Tented Camp

    Today’s a huge day as we’ll finally set off for an expedition to Himlung Himal. The climb to the mountain is quite difficult, with many steep glaciers and ice slopes. It has a rugged trail full of boulders and stones, so we’ll start early.
    The climb begins with a hard scale up the mountain. We’ll follow in the footsteps of our trek guide and Sherpas, who’ll assist throughout the expedition. They’ll provide us necessary training and guidance for the technical ascent.
    You’ll ascend the steep snowy slopes and ice cliffs in the days to come. The trail will also take us over the mountain ridge and many semi-technical sections, which requires the help of fixed rope. After reaching the summit, you’ll get a couple of minutes to enjoy the scenic view and stunning landscapes.
    We’ll quickly descend the trail and retrace the steps back to Himlung Base Camp. The trek won’t take as much time as previous, but we’ll still have to be careful while climbing down. Tonight we’ll stay in the tent.

  • Day 22: Trek back to Phu Village from Himlung Himal Base Camp

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Altitude Loss: 4,580m(Phu Village)

    Accommodation: Teahouse

    After breakfast, we’ll leave the base camp and descend the trail to Phu Village. We’ll lose most of the elevation gained from the previous day. The trek is mostly downhill, taking 5 to 6 hours to finish. It’ll provide us with a spectacular view of towering mountains and lush green hills. Overnight stay in a Phu Village.

  • Day 23: Trek from Phu to Meta

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Altitude Loss: 3,560m(Meta)

    Accommodation: Teahouse

    The trek from Phu begins with a short and scenic walk down the slope, passing the old buildings and monasteries. We’ll spend most of the day descending the trail through deep forests and valleys. After almost 6 to 7 hours of trekking, the trail will make it to the beautiful village of Phu. Overnight stay in a lodge.

  • Day 24: Trek from Meta to Koto

    6-7 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Altitude Loss: 2,600m(Koto)

    Accommodation: Teahouse

    After breakfast, we’ll leave Meta and descend the trail through the woods and underneath a wide waterfall rising from narrow canyons. Before entering the woods, the path walks past the small cave shelters and pilgrims. After descending to the Nar Valley, we’ll cross the river and follow the trail until it stops at Koto. We’ll spend the night in a teahouse at Koto.

  • Day 25: Trek from Koto to Dharapani

    5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Altitude Loss: 1,860m(Dharapani)

    Accommodation: Teahouse

    The trek from Koto starts with a steep ascent up the hill that leads to Thanchok. Soon, the trail descends to Timang Village, where we’ll briefly stop for lunch. Later, we’ll join the trail going through pine and fir forests. After making our way to Bagarchhap, we’ll further climb down to Dharapani, which takes almost an hour. Tonight we’ll stay in a guesthouse.

  • Day 26: Trek from Dharapani to Chamje

    4-5 hrs Trek  Lodge

    Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Altitude Loss: 1,410m(Chamje)

    Accommodation: Teahouse

    We’ll have breakfast early in the morning and then continue our journey to Chamje. After coming out of the village, we’ll walk through a landslide-prone area and cross the Marsyangdi River to arrive at Tal village. From here, the trail becomes easy with a level walk and a descent. You’ll enjoy some spectacular views along the way to the village.

  • Day 27: Drive from Chamje to Kathmandu

    7-8 hrs Drive  Hotel/Resort

    Drive Duration: 7 to 8 hours

    Altitude Loss: 1,400m(Kathmandu)

    Accommodation: Hotel

    After breakfast, we’ll hop on the bus and drive back to Kathmandu via Prithvi Highway. The ride will be great fun as it’ll provide us with a breathtaking view of lofty mountains and sweeping hills. You can see grassy meadows and waterfalls all along the way, providing a nice view. It takes

  • Day 28: Rest day in Kathmandu


    You deserve a full exploration day in Kathmandu after completing the expedition. So you will stroll around the remaining places from the other day in Kathmandu.

    After the refreshment tour, you will have a farewell dinner with Peak Climbing Nepal’s team in the evening. Yet another overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Day 29: Departure from Nepal

    On this day, our staff will transfer you to the airport so that you can fly back home.

Include / Exclude

Cost Includes:

    • Hotel Transfers on arrival and departure.
    • 4 star hotel in Kathmandu and two nights in Pokhara along with BB Plan.
    • Complete coverage of sightseeing tours in Kathmandu Valley.
    • Complete Ground Transportation in a Private automobile as stated in Itinerary.
    • All of the necessary land transportation costs throughout the expedition.
    • Climbing permit for Himlung Himal and permits for other restricted areas.
    • The package cost includes the Himlung Himal regular route climbing royalty and the climbing permit issued by the Nepal Government (Department of Tourism).
    • As the expedition takes place in the Narphu and Annapurna regions, this package will also cover the cost of the permit to explore the Annapurna Conservation Area (Largest conservation area in Nepal).
    • Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) permit that is required to explore the Narphu Valley and the Annapurna Conservation Area.
    • Teahouse and tented accommodation throughout the trip.
    • Complete meals – Breakfast and Lunch plus Dinner while climbing & trekking duration.
    • Nutritious and healthy delicacies from clean and fresh sources in the lower base camps.
    • Healthy food packages at higher altitudes with modes to heat the food and makes warm beverages.
    • Fee and salary of experienced trekking guides, kitchen staff, and porters.
    • One client = one climbing sherpa guide
    • Food, lodging, and insurance for all of the team members.
    • Complete essential climbing gears.
    • Complete camping equipment – Tent for dining, Latrine tent, Storehouse tent, Furniture for the expedition.
    • Insurance along with whole staff costs, meals, clothing
    • An emergency supply of oxygen masks and regulators.
    • Base camp: Solar panel – Battery Charge & Light.
    • Availability of fuel-powered backup generators to ensure that you can keep your devices fully powered.
    • All of the charges for necessary paperwork throughout the expedition.
    • Cellular Phone (payable as per usage).
    • Guide map in order to familiarize with the surroundings and keep track of the adventure.
    • Kathmandu: Welcome & farewell dinner.
    • Total applicable VAT, TAX & essential documents.

Cost Excludes:

  • Personal Climbing and Trekking gear.
  • Your Travel Insurance.
  • The sum of US$700 which has been set as a summit bonus by the Mountaineering Association and Department and Department of Tourism for successful conquest with Sherpa Guides.
  • Employment of extra crew members who are not part of the company or selected package.
  • Bar and Beverage Bills.
  • All sorts of Personal expenses.
  • Tips and Donations.
  • Refundable garbage deposit.
  • Any prolongated expenses due to natural phenomena or political environment.

Price per person

Usefull Information

Why to climb Himlung?

Among other 7000m peaks in Himalayas for mountaineering, Himlung stand for safe, easy accessible and comparatively cost saving expedition.
Its NOT technically difficult as other 7000m peaks therefore its prefect peak for training trip before attempting any 8000m peak including Mt. Everest.
The trek goes through Annapurna circuit route and the hidden valley Nar Phu area, therefore the trekking to Himlung base camp is very unique with the local cultures and local inhabitant villages.

Expedition Highlights
Excellent and comfortable camping logistics
Most experienced chef and crews at base camp
Medical back up Oxygen with mask set throughout the trip
Trek & climb without crowds
Guided by most experienced Sherpas
Well support on communication by Radio sets and Satellite phones
Regular weather reports for summit push
Trek into the mystical area (Nar Phu), where still the pure Tibetan cultures and traditional exists

Trek into Himlung Base Camp

On this Voyage, we will be driving for 8 hours to Besisahar and about another 6-7 hours to Koto the next day and then trek into the hidden valley Nar Phu area. We will be spending an extra day in Phu for acclimatization purpose and to explore the Phu village. Phogaon to Himlung base camp is another a day trek where we properly set up our base camp with all tents and logistics. We will have altogether 15 days to set up higher camps and also achieve the summit. We shall be doing another 5 days of the trek exploring back to Beshishar the same route we went through at the beginning.

High Camps and Climbing Routes

We establish our Base Camp at 4920m on a grassy land and three high camps are required to attempt the summit. Camp I at 5,619m, Camp II at 5,987m and Camp III as the last camp at 6,400m. While our strong team of Sherpa staffs set up various high camps, members have the chance to going up and down for well acclimatization and we attempt summit on a favorable day for everyone. Due to our good strategy and expert logistics support, the success rate to this mountain has been high every year and we use the normal route (west face) to ascent this peak.

Expedition Cost – 2023 and 2024

Our Himlung expedition cost for 2023 and 2024 has been already published on our website. Our expedition cost is reasonably cheaper and affordable however our service quality is one of the best. We provide one Sherpa guide to each two climbers for highest level of safety and to increase the maximum summit success. If any climber wishes to have personal Sherpa guide, it will be provided on some additional cost. The best season to climb Himlung is autumn season, our expedition starts early Oct until 1st week of November.

Equipment List

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    Trip Fact

  • Best Seasons March to May, September to November
  • Group Size 2-20
  • Duration 35 DAYS BOOKING OPEN FOR 2024
  • Maximum Altitude 7126M
  • Trek Difficulty Challenging

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