Mount Lhotse Expedition 8516M


The Mount Lhotse Expedition is a thrilling and challenging journey that attracts seasoned mountaineers and adventure seekers from around the world. Standing at a breathtaking height of 8,516 meters (27,940 feet), Mount Lhotse is the fourth highest peak in the world and is located in the iconic Khumbu region of Nepal, near Mount Everest.

The expedition typically begins in Kathmandu, where participants undergo thorough preparations and briefings by experienced guides and Sherpa climbers. Proper acclimatization is crucial due to the extreme altitude and harsh conditions awaiting them. From Kathmandu, the team embarks on a picturesque flight to Lukla, the gateway to the Khumbu Valley, and then starts the trek through stunning landscapes, crossing suspension bridges, and passing through traditional Sherpa villages.

Reaching Everest Base Camp marks a significant milestone of the expedition. Here, climbers take a short break to acclimatize further while absorbing the stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The trail then diverges from the Everest route as climbers head towards the Lhotse Base Camp.

The ascent from Base Camp is challenging, requiring technical climbing skills and determination. The route involves navigating through treacherous icefalls, climbing steep faces, and crossing crevasses. Climbers will establish high camps along the way to facilitate the gradual ascent and descent process.

The summit day is the most demanding part of the journey, with climbers pushing their physical and mental limits. Weather conditions are unpredictable, and oxygen levels are significantly lower at these altitudes, adding to the difficulty. However, the reward is beyond words—the breathtaking view from the summit, the sense of accomplishment, and the feeling of being on top of the world.

The Mount Lhotse Expedition demands immense preparation, physical fitness, and mountaineering expertise. Climbers need to be self-reliant and work as a team, relying on the support of their Sherpa guides. Safety is of paramount importance, and the expedition organizers prioritize well-planned logistics and emergency protocols.

Conclusion and Summary

Despite the challenges, conquering Mount Lhotse is an unforgettable experience, a testament to human endurance and spirit. It offers an indescribable sense of achievement and awe, leaving participants with memories that will last a lifetime, making the Mount Lhotse Expedition a dream adventure for those who seek to push their limits in the world of high-altitude mountaineering.


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Everest Expeditions Nepal  offers Full Board Service for our entire range of flagship mountaineering expeditions to all 8000m peaks. Full Board service means that we will provide a Trekking service, base camp service and high camp service executed by your Sherpa climbing guide. All of our full board clients will have a personal Sherpa climbing guide exclusively dedicated to the client for the duration of the climb.

Our climbing Sherpa guide team will establish and secure climbing route in collaboration with other climbing teams participating on the route. Establish all high camps with camping equipment, provisions, oxygen and prepare high altitude food for the client. Full board also includes assisting the client on the route while ensuring their safety and well being. We move at the clients preferred pace and ensure total commitment to the client in case of emergency with the clients safety and well being the overriding priority.

High camp service for the Full Board Service will consist of all of the equipment necessary to fix the route, all camping equipment, fuel and food for high camps as well as oxygen provision, including mask and regulator and latest model of Posik oxygen and Summit system mask regulators.

Cost Includes:

    • To ensure your safety and avoid the natural panic of people entering a new destination for the first time, Everest Expeditions Nepal will provides pick-up and drop services from international and domestic airports on your arrivals and departures.
    • Representatives of Everest Expeditions Nepal will be waiting for you on arrival at both domestic and international airports with a Everest Expeditions Nepal will banner with your placard so that you can easily find our person. Satori’s identity card will accompany the person for your confirmation.
    • According to the above Lhotse Expedition climbing schedule, Everest Expeditions Nepal  will arrange four nights demanded category (from tourist star to five-star) of hotel accommodations in Kathmandu.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal will provide experienced, and government authorized (licensed holder) high altitude trekking/ climbing Sherpa guide (Expedition leader) during the trekking and climbing.
    • Surface transportation will only be included during the trekking and major city for members as per the scheduled itinerary.
    • According to the schedule program, Everest Expeditions Nepal will arranged regular flight tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu for climbing members and climbing Sherpa guides.
    •  Everest Expeditions Nepal will will provide you with a lovely tea house accommodation (except chain hotels) to stay in and eat during the trekking trails.
    • Lunch in the trekking is usually made on the way, while dinner and breakfast are made at the tea house where you stay overnight. Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides a clean and fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner with tea/ coffee at the tea house’s menu throughout the trek and camping accommodation at the advance base camp and Camp-02 during the ascent of Lhotse Expedition.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  will arrange all food and fuel for base camp and higher camps during the Lhotse expedition for both members and expedition crews.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  provide EPI Cooking gas, and the stove will be provided in camps one, three, and south col for cooking food, tea, coffee, boiling water, and heating nutrition high altitude package food.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  will provide all the essentials for trekking, Lhotse climbing, rowing, and camping at the advanced base camp.
    • Climbing Mt. Lhotse duration takes more than other 8000m and brings an extended stay at the Advance base camp. Items like kitchen tents, stores tent, dining tents, toilet tents, tables, chairs, and cooking utensils are high quality and branded, where we will try to provide more convenience.
    • During the ascent of Mount Lhotse, Everest Expeditions Nepal  will provide a chef cook, cook assistant, helper, and base camp manager at the advanced base camp to take care of your food, drinks, and other necessary services your good and comfort.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  allow up to 60kg of personal climbing equipment per person during the flight onboard and during trekking in Lhotse expedition carried by porter/ yak/ mules.
    • The offer cost includes Mount Lhotse south regular route climbing royalty and the Nepal Government’s climbing permit. (Permit issued by Department of Tourism)
    • As Mount Lhotse is located at Mount Everest National Park’s territory, Everest Expeditions Nepal  provide you a permit for Mount Everest National Park.
    • The Trekkers’ Information Management Systems permit issued by the trekking agency association of Nepal is required to enter the area of Everest National Park, so Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides you a TIMS permit too.
    • The right weather is a crucial factor in a safe and successful ascent. As far as possible, we will provide a regular upcoming day’s weather forecast from the Kathmandu office for the Lhotse climb duration.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides all wages, clinical, equipment, and accidental insurance for all elaborate staff in the journey and climbing.
    • We provide first aid medical kits for the group and the staff, taking care of your climbing and health safety.
    • Trekking and mountaineering are often inaccessible and far from information, communication, and transportation in the Himalayas, so information and communication are significant for safety and a successful trip. That’s why Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides satellite phones, walkie-talkies (radio set) with the expedition team leader, and your climbing Sherpa guide. Satellite phones available for members at the cost of US$ 3 per minute call.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides V25 north face two main model tents with comfortable mattresses at the advanced base camps, and above the advance camp, two members have one tent. (In advance base camp 1:1 tent and above base camp 2:1 tent as per safety.)
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  offers dynamic/static rope, ice screws, snow bar, and rock piton locked unlocked karabiners to open the route and for safe and successful climbing.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  arrange a generator for back- up lighting power and charge electronic tools if solar panels are not enough for light and charge the battery.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  arrange transportation, service of food, all needed expedition, content supply to Base Camp from Kathmandu and return to Kathmandu (Cargo to Lukla and then by porter/ Yaks to base camp and return)
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  will try to make the base camp as convenient as possible. We will provide you a heater at the base camp for heating the dining room during cold temperatures (mostly required for evening and morning).
    • Health is a prime concern during your climbing expedition. This is why Everest Expeditions Nepal  include emergency oxygen, mask, and regulator provided to guest and expedition staff requirements.
    • Till the date, there’s no available alternative to electricity or lighting at the Lhotse base camp, so that Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides solar panels or generators for lighting, battery, and mobile charging at the base camp.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  include Icefall charges by Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, Summit rope cost charged by Expedition Operators Association, and Himalayan Rescue Association medical insurance charged in the package cost.
    • For the climbing proposal of acclimatization and summit target, Everest Expeditions Nepal  included all tents for camps 1, 2, 3, and 4 for members and staff.
    • During your climbing expedition, Everest Expeditions Nepal  offer you clean, nutritious, and fresh food at the advanced base camp and camp two in Everest. We provide you nutrition, high altitude package food, and essential EPI cooking gas and stoves to boiled water, tea, coffee, and warm pocket food above the advanced base camp.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal  provides all food and fuel for both members and crews at advanced base camps and higher camps during the Lhotse expedition.
    • We offer each climber One Experienced, Trained, Government Licensed, and 03 Times Everest Summiteers Climbing / Expedition Guide (Sherpa) per client with the idea of making your ascent safe and successful. There will also be one experience and professional Leader, Sherpa, for each expedition group.
    • The package cost includes all wages, equipment allowance, and the load carries bonus for involved staff in trekking and climbing expedition.
    • The package cost includes all wages, equipment, medical and accidental insurances for the liaison officer.
    • Everest Expeditions Nepal Adventure always has concerned and top priority about our trekking guides, climbing Sherpa guides, cooks, porters, and involved staff safety during the period of trekking and high mountain climbing. For this reason, we always do medical insurance, helicopter evacuation insurance, and treatment insurance for all involved staff with a reputed insurance company.
    • As Mount Lhotse’s ascent is long, the stay at Camp two is more extended due to acclimatization. We also take care of our climbers in Camp two and arrange kitchen dining arrangements to supply freshly cooked food.
    • For your convenience, we always provide maps of related trekking and trekking peak climbing.
    • During the climbing period of summit target, Everest Expeditions Nepal  included eight bottles (32 liters) of Poisk Oxygen will be provided to each climbing member (we use Poisk brands of Oxygen which is one of the trustful oxygen brands for high altitude)
    • As adequate quality oxygen, masks and regulators are crucial during Everest climbing. We provide masks and regulators from the latest model of summit or top out brands.
    • Before your departure, as a memory, Everest Expeditions Nepal  would like to handover Everest Expeditions Nepal  T-shirt/ Pashmina and Brochure.
    • If you need any assistance with departure information, flight ticket reconfirmation, Visa extension procedure services, Everest Expeditions Nepal  fully support you without any charges.
    • The above offer price includes our official service charges, government charges, and all taxes and vat. Except for the above amount, there are not any hidden costs charged by us.
    • We want to offer you to have dinner with us before you departed from Kathmandu. It will be an opportunity for you to see and learn about Nepali culture and tradition.

Cost Excludes:

  • International flights and airport taxes.
  • Visa fees.
  • Bar bills and laundry.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Lunch and evening meals in Kathmandu.
  • Tips for driver, guide, porter, BC staff and climbing Sherpas
  • Any other expenses incurred except mentioned in the above ‘included’ items.
  • Ice axe, Crampons, and Climbing boots
  • Four season sleeping bag for base camp use and above
  • Harness
  • Jumar/ascender
  • 3 x tape slings
  • 2 x screw-gate karabiners
  • Descender/abseil device
  • Prussic loops
  • Plastic mountaineering boots and Neoprene over boots
  • Gloves, Sun glasses, Snow glass, Down suit or duvet/salopette combination, warm woolen socks, well broken in trekking shoes, trekking poles etc.
  • Successful Climbing Bonus for the Sherpa – (USD 1000 recommended)

Price per person

Usefull Information

Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital, and since this place offers high quality and delicious food from different countries and groups, we were hoping you could taste the food you like. For that reason, during your stay in Kathmandu, you will have to arrange lunch and dinner (except farewell dinner) by yourself.

Suppose you want to take any packed food, snacks, aerated drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, and carbonated soft drinks, any types of alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, and nutria-bars during the trek. In that case, you have to buy it yourself as a customer often requires these items during the trekking. There’s no guess on how much and will take by the client and its cost.

Expenses are incurred towards personal nature trekking, climbing equipment, laundry expenses, tips, landlines, mobiles, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, and the internet service is not included in the package. You have to pay for it yourself when you use it.

Personal climbing equipment is one of the significant factors for your safe and successful climbing. So you have to arrange all your personal climbing equipment brand and quality on your own.

Mountaineering is, in itself, a risky and adventurous activity that always takes place in remote areas. So, safety is the primary factor for us. Therefore, you have to arrange your travel insurance covering the cost of emergency rescue, medical treatment, medical tests, and hospitalization before you arrive for the trip to Nepal.

The package cost offered above does not include your international flight ticket and Nepal’s tourist visa so that you have to pay for your international flight ticket and tourist visa by yourself.

Any extra expenses arising out of various/ unforeseen situations like natural disasters, landslides, political disturbances, strikes, changes in government regulations costs are not included in the package cost.

Additional costs if needed extra workers, than what we have included in the package.

As per the Mountaineering Association and Department of Tourism rules, after the successful summit, the climbing member has to pay a summit bonus for climbing Sherpa Guides US$ 1500.00 minimum to be paid before departure from Kathmandu.

Our involved expedition staff (chef cook, cook, cook assistance, base camp manager) are hoping for tips, gifts, or something at the end of the trip, which is an opportunity to say how happy you are with our staff and thank you for the kind of service you have rendered. Normally US$ 250-300.00 per person collected by the team leader and divide to all involved base camp staff except climbing Sherpa guide.

The short sentence, “All the services not mentioned in the above package (cost includes parts) are excluded,” It will cost extra if you want additional services.

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    Trip Fact

  • Best Seasons March to May, September to November
  • Group Size 1-15
  • Duration 50 DAYS BOOKING OPEN FOR 2024
  • Maximum Altitude 8516M
  • Trek Difficulty Very Hard

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